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How to take a break

Let's take a break together

Resting is part of work. If you work for 8 hours, but need to rest for 4 hours after, you worked a 12 hour day. If you're not convinced, go read Time Off.

You were about to read an article that would take you a few minutes to read. You found time for this. What if you spent this time resting?

Instead of reading a whole article, take a few minutes to do one of these:

  • Listen to one song. Any song. Any genre. Just one whole song.
  • Look out a window. Look at people, cars, trees, or whatever.
  • Doodle on a post-it note. Maybe only use circles or lines, or maybe draw an emoji.
  • Close your eyes and get comfy in your chair.
  • Watch some jellyfish

There's no success criteria - nobody will evaluate what you make. You only have to spend three whole minutes on it.

That's it. Spend three minutes resting.

Just thinking about the list isn't enough. You can try and find the best way to rest, but if you aren't actually resting, you're doing it wrong.

Can you do it?

I'd love to hear if you did find time to rest for yourself. Feel free to tweet something at me @kylejrp if you did! Even if you don't share it with me, it's still great that you took the time to do some self-care.